When you’re making the major decision to purchase a European or classic car, you need peace of mind that you’re buying a reliable vehicle with no hidden faults. Cremorne Prestige can help you with a pre-purchase inspection to ensure the vehicle is completely up to scratch before you buy it.

Unfortunately, many people will try and sell older cars that have serious faults, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Not everyone has the mind of a mechanic, so it’s a good idea to get another pair of unbiased eyes in to establish the car’s worth and durability.

Avoid Expensive Repairs with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

You can save yourself a lot of money by organising a pre-purchase inspection because finding faults after you’ve signed the paperwork will make you liable for fixing them. If we find hidden problems with the vehicle, you can then decide if this particular vehicle is worth the overall price of purchasing and repairs. When you’re unaware of issues, the overall price may be far higher than you expected.

Negotiate a Fairer Deal after the Inspection

Finding undisclosed issues with a car will give you the opportunity to negotiate further with the seller. Placing an overall value on the car, including the repair bill, allows you to negotiate the price down to a figure that both parties deem as fair.

If the car dealer won’t budge on the price, you now have the ability to walk away from the sale and continue looking elsewhere. Too many car owners are left responsible for extreme amounts they weren’t prepared for, such as a total engine overhaul.

Book a Pre-Purchase Inspection with Cremorne Prestige

The team at Cremorne Prestige are your Sydney source of pre-purchase inspections. We specialise in European models, including BMWs, Mercedes, Land Rovers, Jaguars, and many more. Before making a major purchasing decision, book in an inspection by calling (02) 9906 5266 or feel free to contact us online.