Transmission Overhauls, Servicing and Repairs

As with most machinery and technology, the earlier you spot an issue with your car’s transmission and organise a time for servicing and repairs, the easier it will be to repair the vehicle to full health. It can be difficult to pinpoint a transmission problem, so make sure to bring your vehicle in to Cremorne Prestige at the first sign of trouble.

If problems are left to worsen, you could be looking at a complete transmission overhaul. Organising a regular transmission service for your European car will help our technicians spot problems early on and avoid expensive overhauls in the future.

Transmission Repair

Most transmission repairs can be done quite easily. At times, simply topping up or changing the transmission fluid can resolve a great deal of issues. In worse cases, a part may need to be replaced; however, our expert technicians can quickly identify which part it is using diagnostics and potentially fix the problem without needing to remove the transmission from the body of the car.

When technicians are unsure of internal problems with a transmission and the best course of action is a complete removal from the body, you may need a complete transmission overhaul.

Transmission Overhaul

Rebuilding a transmission requires removing and disassembling the transmission completely. Every part of the transmission is then inspected for damage and then cleaned in special solution or replaced with a new part. All seals, gaskets and part with friction surfaces are replaced.

If any design defects were found after the transmission was built, our technicians will check with the auto manufacturer for any recommendations for modifications. As you can see, a transmission overhaul is a major job but it leaves a car feeling better than new afterwards.

High-Quality Service from Cremorne Prestige

Our technicians will only recommend a transmission overhaul if the problem in your vehicle is severe or unrecognisable. The best part of this service is that it prevents the forming and worsening of issues in your transmission for the future.

Cremorne Prestige specialises in European cars, including BMW, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Jaguar, and many more. To book your European car in for diagnostics and a transmission service, call (02) 9906 5266 or feel free to contact us online.